Therapieadhärenz bei chronischen Nackenschmerzpatienten
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Therapy Adherence in Chronic Neck Pain Patients
AutorInnenEngelbrecht, Julia
GutachterGruber, Silke
Datum der AbgabeMärz 2016
Zusammenfassung (Deutsch)

This paper is investigating which management strategies can be used for enhancing exercise adherence in chronic neck pain patients.

When asked about the types of chronic pain, respondents of a survey conducted by the polling institute IMAS (Institut für Markt und Sozialanalysen) commissioned by the Austrian Pain Society, indicated that chronic back pain account for almost 20%.[1] The CEOPS (Center of Excellence for Orthopedic Pain Management Speising) further states that 42,9% of all chronic back pain patients are suffering from chronic neck pain.[1] Due to an increase of the average age and life expectancy, a noticeable rise in the percentage of people suffering from chronic neck pain is expected.

Poor adherence to treatment has been identified as a major problem across a number of different healthcare fields including physiotherapy. Given the high prevalence of neck pain patients today and the expectation of an increase in life expectancy, physiotherapists should focus on management strategies to enhance exercise adherence in chronic neck pain patients. The question, therefore, is how to best optimize exercise adherence by using different management strategies that are tailored to the patients needs.

The following research question has been identified: ’Which management strategies can be used for enhancing exercise adherence in chronic neck pain patients?’ A further question of interest is formulated in the subquestion ’What are the best strategies amongdifferent age groups of chronic neck pain patients to enhance exercise therapy


Thus, this paper is a starting point for an investigation on strategies that are used to increase adherence among neck pain patients in the heathcare field of physiotherapy. In order to gain more insight into how different management strategies can have an impact on patients therapy adherence, there is the necessity to do a profound research on

present literature and it is necessary to identify suitable articles for a systematic literature review on ’Which management strategies can be used for enhancing exercise adherence in chronic neck pain patients?’ to then be able to (1) identify different management strategies that aim to improve adherence to exercise therapy, (2) to present management strategies that can be implemented to enhance exercise therapy in the patient group of chronic neck pain patients and (3) to present management strategies best used that differ according the age group within the patient group of chronic neck pain patients.

A systematic literature search was performed using the online databases. The references of primary studies were scanned to identify further relevant citations. The studies then have been assessed according to their titles and their abstracts. Unsuitable studies have been eliminated, whereas suitable studies’ full texts were analysed and have been either rejected or transferred to the list of references according to the following inclusion and exclusion criteria.

[1] Allianz Chronischer Schmerz Österreich. http://www.schmerz-allianz.at/schmerz-fakten/.

Published 2015. Accessed September 22, 2015.

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