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Trainingstherapie Adhärenz bei Fibromyalgie Patienten
Additional Titles
Adherence to Exercise Therapy in Fibromyalgia Patients
AuthorTräger, Katja
Thesis advisorGruber, Silke
Date of SubmissionMarch 2016
Document typeBachelor Thesis
Abstract (German)

This bachelor thesis 1 contains an introduction of the problem field and physiotherapeutic relevance of adherence to exercise therapy in fibromyalgia patients. A summery of relevant terms and definitions (‘Adherence and Compliance’, ‘Chronic Pain’, ‘Fibromyalgia’, ‘Multimodal Program’, ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’ and ‘Motivational Interviewing’) for the research question: ‘Is there a Difference in Adherence to Exercise Therapy in Fibromyalgia Patients if Physical Exercises are part of a Multimodal Program?’ was given. The current state of knowledge was outlined. Furthermore, the search strategy of the literature review for this topic was stated. Seven studies were chosen from different research pages using keywords such as ‘Fibromyalgia’, ‘Adherence’, ‘Multimodal Program’, ‘Exercise Therapy’. Lastly, an outlook on the evaluation of the chosen studies for the bachelor thesis 2 was given.